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Welcome to WT Continental.  We are a vibrant, independent company offering expert and professional human resources services. We are a man-power company supplying employees at all levels at various different industries and sectors. Our clients work across a wide variety of sectors including 5 star hotels, factories, industrial complexes, commercial establishments and offices.


Our professional staff will be ready to fully support your organisation through the provision of qualified and skilled resources to meet the needs of the organisation in a fully professional manner that safe-guards both employer and employee needs.


We offer professional services to business and individuals focusing on helping our customers have skilled resources to reach the strategic objectives of the organisation. We combine industry expertise with cultural understanding and approach challenges from a business perspective. With unrivalled practical experience and a deep understanding of the global business and professional services industries, we help business service providers create competitive advantage, supporting you to develop a strong skill base at all levels.


Our company ensures that all the staff are adequately trained, supervised and managed in accordance with the highest levels of expected proficiency, due diligence, professional ethos and ethics, technical competences, and the highest standards of conduct.


All staff are regularly trained and acquainted with technical developments, innovation, occupational health and safety, and methodology related to the industry which they will be deployed. We hold regular meetings to assess feedback. Our company is consistently dedicated to the industry’s research and development initiatives. Much of our human resources ‘assessments’ are based on our accumulated experience in this industry and our ability to identify client compatibility-aptitude traits best suited for the specific environment they will be deployed within.


We specialise in human resource consultancy from a skills and man-power perspective.


We determine critical leadership and technical roles in the organisation, and conduct an objective assessment of the needed talent. We support you in your planning, implementing HR recruitment plans to increase the availability of employees with the proper experience and competencies to assume the needed roles within your organisation.


Through our local and international networks we can provide you the needed skills at any organisational level

We believe that by reviewing and aiming our services and support at the specific needs of our clients, the best outcomes will be realised for the short, medium and long-term.

Housekeeping Personnel
Cleaning & Housekeeping

We offer cleaning, chambermaid services and room attendants to Hotels, residential and commercial establishments. This includes the collection, washing, drying, ironing and delivery of towels and bedding. Daily chambermaid services include cleaning tasks on assigned rooms, public areas and floor treatments. 

Our English speaking dedicated staff will replenish towels, linen, toiletries and cleaning supplies. Clean waste bins from the rooms, replenish tea, coffee, etc supplies, drinking glasses and bathroom supplies. Other duties including sweeping, mopping and polishing floors to their required finish whilst dust window blinds and rearrange drapes to original placement.  

Food and Beverage
Hospitality, Food & Beverage

We can provide food and beverage servers, kitchen assistants, kitchen assistants, porters, chefs at different levels and hosts to hotels and restaurants.

Our English speaking dedicated staff will be dedicated for that particular establishment. Chefs can be provided from Commis Chef to Sous Chef and would be recruited by the company, specifically for your establishment. All staff come with experience and are trained. 

Catering Services
Catering Services

We provide high-end outside catering service that is ready to exceed your requirements and expectations whilst impressing your guests. We have built our reputation towards presenting bespoke service and sophisticated outside catering wherever we go. Our recently launched quality driven catering company offering the highest quality of food, exquisite style and five star service. The company caters for all types of functions including events, business events, family functions and outside catering.  Our specialist team has such a depth and scale of experience that you can feel absolutely confident of receiving a high-quality, memorable service. So, whether you are planning a small, private or a large scale  gala affair, our company will work closely with you to make your day just perfect.

Maintenance Tools
Maintenance & General Hand Personnel

Our trained staff can provide ancillary/general hand services that are customised to accommodate our clients’ specific requirements within the clients’ specific environment.  Our client-centric approach to all services rendered ensures quality and efficiency in meeting and exceeding the expected level of service.   


The company has the responsibility of ensuring that the client receiving the services is satisfied.  For this aim, management regularly carries out meetings with its clients to discuss and get client feedback on the services provided.  In effect the company has implemented a checklist of verification of customer satisfaction and satisfaction.

Security Personnel
Security Services

Commercial & Retail Security

We offer services of assigned personnel in security to commercial and retails establishments. Our security guards’ main job is to keep a vigilant on stock whilst protecting staff and customers safety alike. We are involved in creating business solutions for our local client portfolio, which range from private residences to large corporations. We operate in the security services industry and our services range from static guarding, transportation of valuables of any kind & ATM management, monitoring of surveillance hardware like CCTV and/or Alarm systems with a prompt on-site response.

Acting like a human CCTV camera. We inspect, assets and determine potential theft or damage within the store. Detailed reports of unusual incidents including property damage and theft are done and produced to the client. 

Residential Security

Whether it's a Villa, an apartment or a penthouse, with our personnel on site, rest assured no harm is done to your property. Together with our clients, we carefully study in detail the residence and come up with a custom plan. 

Also, a simulation plan and potential intrusion study is carried out to explore every scenario. Residential Securities works both on the inside and outside the residence. 

Wedding Venue / Reception

We provide trained Security Personnel to prevent the venue from vandalism whilst protecting all guests from unwanted mishaps. We make sure to prevent incidents by targeting individuals during consultation with the couple and through our initial "assessment period" during the wedding.

Care Worker

Care Workers

WT Hospitality & Security Services provides high-quality home care services in Malta to patients, their families, as well as healthcare providers. To ensure a high-level of customer service, as well as delivering a superior level of reliability in delivery in home care, our professional private care staff have been precisely screened and selected by our team of dedicated consultants, who place disposition, reliability at the forefront of their endeavours whilst consistently striving to deliver quality and care.


At WT Hospitality & Security Services we carefully choose our healthcare staff and make sure they are trained and qualified for the needs of our clients. Our team is fully dedicated and professional, able to adapt to different types of work. Our team

of nurses will support patients at their home and develop a care plan based on the individual physical, psychological and social needs. We will ensure that the patient receives an efficient, effective and reliable service.

All nurses are registered with the Council for Nurses and Midwives in Malta. Both passionate and experienced, WT Hospitality & Security Services is committed to delivering the highest standard of home care, whilst keeping clients, patients, and their loved ones at the centre of all operations.


Our meticulous selection and operational process safeguards the prompt and

efficient delivery of private nursing services, in order to bring you further peace of mind. All our staff members are highly skilled and professionally qualified.

We provide the quality man-power you need.
Get in touch with us today.

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